Find an Active Solar or Storage Installer Near You

Disclaimer: This tool provides a list of recently completed (last 24 months) solar PV and energy storage projects in a given area (zip code, city or county) and displays the "Cost/Watt" (in AC capacity) for each project. For paired systems the "Cost/Watt" calculation is based on the AC capacity of the solar PV system. System cost figures are self-reported by applicants and no additional verification has been conducted on these figures. To remove erroneous data, the top and bottom 1% of applications are removed from the underlying data set used to create the search results due to their respective high and low cost per watt values.

Please note that ZIP code and city data are not available for all energy storage projects. If no search results are present please try entering the county associated with the area of interest.

This search tool queries data from the Interconnected Application Dataset. Only solar PV NEM/NBT and energy storage interconnection applications from within PG&E, SCE and SDG&E territories with interconnections within the last 24 months are included in the search. Interconnection applications without cost data are removed from the search results.

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