• Summary: These statistics and charts are created from in progress and completed incentive applications from the Solar on Multifamily Affordable Housing (SOMAH) program. Reserved & Earmarked projects refer to active and in progress applications that are not yet completed. Installed projects refer to completed applications and/or applications that have received Permission to Operate (PTO) using the PTO date.
  • Disclaimer: Changing the filtering options may result in some graphs returning, “No Data Available.” This is not an error message. Instead, it means that there are no results based on the selected filters.
Data Type: Incentive Applications
Utilities: PG&E, SCE, SDG&E, Liberty, and PacifiCorp
Technology: Solar PV

Program Goals

Program Funding

How Projects Qualify for SOMAH1

Funding Allocation Per Application Step

Tenant/Common Area Incentive Allocation

PV Ownership Type

Track A/Track B Split2

Installed Capacity over Time

Size of Installed Systems

Average Project Cost Before and After Incentives

Type of Work Performed by New Trainees

Data Current Through


1SOMAH projects must be deed-restricted low-income residential housing and must satisfy one of the following: a) the applicant must be in a disadvantaged community defined by the CalEnviroScreen; b) at least 66% of households must have incomes at or below 80% of the median income in their county; c) the property is owned by a tribe; or d) the property is a rental housing property that is owned by either a public housing authority or a public housing agency.

2Track A is designed for host customers who require Upfront Technical Assistance and obtain and review multiple bids. Track B is designed for host customers who do not require Upfront Technical Assistance and may decline participation in the multiple bidding process.

3PV Ownership Type, Tenant/Common Area Incentive Allocation, How Projects Qualify for SOMAH and Track A/Track B Split exclude earmarked projects.

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